Are you a Muslim planning to perform your obligatory religious duty Hajj, and non-obligatory religious duty Umrah?

Anfal Tours and Travel Limited is your one stop shop for Hajj or Umrah packages. We are expert travel consultants and a customer service team with over 10 years of combined experienced which make us one of the leading companies in delivering Hajj Packages as smoothly as possible.
We have a team of dedicated professionals who are on call whether by phone or in person at our offices based in Eastleigh, Nairobi. When booking with Anfal Tours and Travel Limited you will have the confidence in knowing we as an organisation have served thousands of pilgrims over the past 10 years fulfil Hajj and/or Umrah.

We believe when undertaking your first Hajj journey preparation, It is absolutely paramount in ensuring the experience your have is one which is memorable and spiritual. We review our logistics operations after each and every Hajj to ensure when we take the next group of pilgrims the following year we have implemented changes which make your journey as smooth as possible so that you can focus solely on your ibadah.

We constantly work with the best airlines and tour operators, bringing you the greatest travel packages at the right price with the best support available on the market.

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